This is a reflection from my rewarding 5-weeks experience in my TechPoint SOS Challenge, where my team won the first prize in the Work from Home category!🎉 Big thanks to all my teammates and our sweet coaches.🥳

This first time of working with developers as a sole product designer is important to me because I only worked with other designers to push our boundaries before, and our ideas, concepts as well as designs sat in the drawer and didn’t go to implementation. …

A reflection on my career from 2016 to 2018.

My time at NTU iNSIGHT taught me a lot. It’s been so amazing that I felt the need to write this article. This is not a story you will see the introduction of tools and methods, but the thoughts and learnings from my work. I hope you will find the value of UX research and its connection with product design.

Rich experience in different industries and projects

First, I want to recap what I’ve done and touched at iNSIGHT. Since it is a design consulting firm, I’m fortunate to be exposed to many industries and different kinds of projects.

  • Product vision and prototyping for smart home-based caring…

This is a sharing on an assignment I recently did in the class by Erik Stolterman, Experience Design. I'm studying HCI at Indiana University Bloomington.


As a UX designer, we focus on creating a great experience, meaning we are tackling a very big problem and trying to control how users feel when they touch and immerse in the things we design. I won’t spend paragraphs explaining what you could find online — what user experience is. The short thing is, we could find the things we could control to achieve the things we might not be able to control. …

This is a continue reflection of one of the classes during my masters study, Design Theory. You can find the part 1 here.

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Learning with Reflection

Being able to reflect myself and my every decision allows me to grow and keep effectively exploring. One type of reflection is to learn from mistakes. From framing a problem to building a design concept, I was always making mistakes and facing obstacles. However, because mistakes are prototypes for the future, I learned from it by revisiting them to see what went wrong and well. …

This is a reflection of one of the classes during my masters study, Design Theory. Would love to share some thoughts on what’s important for me in UX design.

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“Less, but better.” When I watched Rams’ documentary a few months ago, this quote intrigued me by two senses. The first is that our growth is often made in an extreme environment, and the other is that the act of pursuing simplicity or even minimalism requires tremendous knowledge and experience. I believe Rams’ design philosophy provokes mine as much as the class, Design Theory, did.

At the very early moment, I…

What is my design process?

I’ve considered design is a linear and formulated process, which is similar to pure science and allows people to reproduce the outcome. However, after years of practicing and reflection from the time in college and as a UX researcher, to the assignments and learnings at Indiana University, I learned design is a dynamic and organic process. For a controlled environment, it is easy to follow well-established steps to generate a design outcome, but things are always not going that smoothly in a wild environment. Even so, would it be the best outcome?

I take design as climbing toward a mountain’s…

Chien-Chun Wu

Aspiring designer studying HCI and design at IUB・

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