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  • CJin is my tonic

    CJin is my tonic

    藉寫文及 podcast 整理自己對網路及軟體新創、創投、創業的想法。歡迎收聽我的 podcast: Cjin’s Pod

  • 朱騏


    💡 一個組織能力超強的軟體產品經理,喜歡研究軟體產品、生產力工具、時間管理方法|💬 可提供軟體產品管理、時間管理、生產力工具的相關諮詢|☕️ 歡迎講座邀約或跟我喝杯咖啡聊聊天,我的信箱是 muhenry608@gmail.com

  • Derek Torsani

    Derek Torsani

    Systems designer @Gusto http://derektorsani.com

  • Dylan Babbs

    Dylan Babbs

    Maps + Design+ Code. Product Designer at Uber. Twitter: @dbabbs

  • Priyanka Godbole

    Priyanka Godbole

    Product Designer @ Facebook Design System

  • UJ


    Taiwanese. Belongs to mountains and oceans. UX researcher. Studying Design for Sustainable Futures at UAL. Interested in Circular economy. Lives in London @2021

  • Tess Gadd

    Tess Gadd

    UI Designer

  • Shan Shen

    Shan Shen

    Product designer at Lyft. I lead and explore the probabilities of tech to enable us to live better. shanshenux.com

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